Helping Physicians Thrive

If you are a physician,

Do you get to work every day excited to make a difference for your patients or bracing yourself for yet another stressful and unfulfilling day?  

Are you as engaged in your personal life and enjoying your hobbies as you would like to be?  

What would it take for you to create a career and life you love?

If you are a leader in a physician organization, 

How would you rate the level of physician engagement in your organization? 

What did your last physician satisfaction survey reveal? 

What programs do you have in place for preserving and developing your most important assets?

What is the cost of replacing a physician, of dealing with a disengaged workforce and the resulting suboptimal quality of care and patient satisfaction?

Professional coaching is proven to improve work performance, leadership skills, team effectiveness, communication skills, stress management and job satisfaction.

An advanced certified personal and executive coach, Dr. Jones provides physicians and their teams with masterful coaching to increase emotional intelligence, workplace performance and job satisfaction.

If you are ready to invest in the coaching process to prevent or overcome burnout, reengage, or create a peak performing organization, take action today.

Contact Dr Jones for a free consultation on how a customized solution can help you develop and retain your most important assets - your physicians.