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Seven Years to Sin - Sexy historical romance

If you are uncomfortable with steamy romances, then this book is not for you. Unfortunate, because Sylvia Day has written one of the most sexy, smart, and emotionally moving books I've read. And re-read. And re-read. And the sex scenes are masterpieces.

Lady Jessica Sheffield was brought up strictly (often by means of corporal punishment) to comport herself as befitting a woman of her station. But underneath the icy exterior she's learned to present effectively to society is a simmering fire waiting for a gust to burst into a roaring blaze.

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An Extraordinary Union - An unlikely civil war romance

Elle Burns' family was set free from slavery when she was still a child. She has a unique gift - an incredible memory - which she uses to benefit the Union in the war of North versus South as a detective. She poses as a mute slave in the household of a Virginia senator to gather intelligence.

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