Everything, Everything - Is love worth your life?

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I’m not generally a fan of young adult romance. At my age, I don’t feel like I particularly identify with what teenagers and young adults are going through and I wouldn’t normally choose that kind of book when I’m looking for an entertaining read. So what made me pick up Everything Everything? I can’t remember. Maybe because it was on the New York Times Bestseller list and I figured it was worth reading a sample.

I was hooked from the first page. Madeline is a half Japanese half African-American eighteen year old girl with severe combined immunodeficiency disease. Basically, she’s allergic to the world. She lives in a bubble and hasn’t left her house since she was a baby. A family moves into the house next door. Madeline forms an unlikely friendship with Olly, an all-black wearing, math enthusiast, funny boy who is agile with his body as well as his mind. I half fell in love with him. (Don’t judge.)

But how are they to get to know each other, let alone explore these new feelings Madeline has never experienced before when her mom won’t let anyone into the house except for Madeline’s nurse and one tutor and even then only after they’ve gone through a one-hour decontamination process? Because, let’s face it — being with Olly might kill her. Right?

This book was unlike any I’ve read. It’s fresh, unconventional, moving, funny, and inspiring. I cannot bring myself to watch the movie because to me the book was perfect.