My Oxford Year

my oxford year.jpg

Title: My Oxford Year

Author: Julia Whelan

Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 2018

Synopsis: American Ella Durran has always dreamed of studying at Oxford. Her dream comes true with a Rhodes Scholarship and she embarks on her once-in-a-lifetime adventure, secure in the knowledge that an amazing opportunity working on the campaign of a rising political star awaits her when she returns to Washington at the end of the year.

The rose dust blows out of her eyes on day one when she is almost run-over (damn these Brits driving on the other side of the road). A divine plate of fish and chips begins to redeem her day, but, unbelievably, the same arrogant prat who nearly killed her with his reckless driving shows up and manages to ruin her shirt.

Her dismay is complete when she finds out that the professor she traveled all this way to study with will no longer be teaching her course. Instead, (of course), none other than the shirt-ruining, homicidal too handsome for his own good although she didn't notice will be her new professor, Jamie Davenport.

What follows is the smartly told story of Ella and Jamie's moving relationship. As the end of her year at Oxford approaches, and Ella finds out a life-changing secret Jamie's been keeping, she must make an important decision.

My verdict: Five stars! Pretend you know the obscure (to me, at least) poetry references and this beautiful story will make you want to hop on a plane to Oxford to eat the best fish and chips in the world at the Happy Cod Chip Shop.