Seven Years to Sin - Sexy historical romance

Seven Years to Sin.jpg

Title: Seven Years to Sin

Author: Sylvia Day

Genre: Fiction, Historical Romance

Year Published: 2011

If you are uncomfortable with steamy romances, then this book is not for you. Unfortunate, because Sylvia Day has written one of the most sexy, smart, and emotionally moving books I've read. And re-read. And re-read. And the sex scenes are masterpieces.

Synopsis: Lady Jessica Sheffield was brought up strictly (often by means of corporal punishment) to comport herself as befitting a woman of her station. But underneath the icy exterior she's learned to present effectively to society is a simmering fire waiting for a gust to burst into a roaring blaze.

As the fourth (and illegitimate) son of the Duke of Masterson and virtually assured not to inherit the dukedom and associated responsibilities, Alistair Caulfield has thrown himself into a life of seduction and debauchery, handsome as a god and exceedingly popular with the ladies of the ton. He is known to accept any wager. He has his reasons.

At the tender age of 18, Jessica witnesses a forbidden scene between Alistair and another woman, which begins to fan the flames of that fire simmering within. However, she is bethrothed to another. Seven years later, she is a widow. She books passage to Jamaica to attend to her dead husband's estate and finds herself aboard one of Alistair's ships with the handsome rake on board. With months aboard his ship and nothing to distract them from their intense attraction for each other, how will they while away time? More importantly, can they allow the other past their personal demons and defenses?

My review: Sylvia Day is a brilliant writer and New York times bestselling author of the Crossfire series. Her writing is exquisite, the characters fully developed, the story compelling, and I loved it.

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