The Great Alone - Ode to Alaska

The Great Alone.jpg

 The Great Alone is Kristin Hannah's masterpiece ode to Alaska, a place I'd never given much thought to but now am really intrigued by. And isn't it why we read? To understand human nature and the world we live in, the better to navigate it?

The Great Alone is an epic story of love and nature and tragedy. Thirteen-year-old Leni, her mother Cora, and her Vietnam-veteran, former-prisoner-of-war father, Ernst, move to Alaska in 1974 in search of a new life, far away from the world Ernst Allbright can no longer fit in. They settle in a remote "off-the-grid" town where trade is in barter as much as cash. They are unprepared for the endless, brutal Alaskan winter. As dangerous as winter in Alaska can be, it is nothing compared to what Leni and Cora face in their home with Ernst's demons.

The story is told over several years from Leni's point of view. It is a powerful story of love, friendship, community and resilience

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