Boston General Hospital Series

Loving Dr. Martin (Boston General Hospital, Book 2)

Loving Dr. Martin - Book 2 

Doctors can't fall in love with their patients... can they?

Dr. Serena Martin knows the human heart exists to pump blood, no matter what the poets say. She used to be a romantic, belting out soulful tunes in a college band alongside her sexy-as-sin guitarist boyfriend. But her feet are solidly planted now, and her new surgeon boyfriend understands that lasting contentment isn’t found in roses and lyrics, but in compatibility and mutual goals.

Across the pond, Michael Dunn lives and breathes passion, with his screaming fans, sweat-soaked sets and melodies that haunt him for days. But when a family emergency forces the British rock star to return to his old stomping grounds in Boston, disaster strikes, and he’s thrust into a past he thought he’d left behind.

Serena wants security, and her old flame is a sexy hazard. But neither can deny the powerful chemistry every time they lock eyes. Serena’s pounding heart is starting to betray her, and this is one condition she might not be able to cure.

This novel is book 2 in the Boston General Hospital Series but can be read as a standalone.


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What Readers Are Saying:

Fun, whimsical and romantic
I love it!
Book launch party

Book launch party

Signing my book for my long time friend Dr. Vivian Jones

Signing my book for my long time friend Dr. Vivian Jones